The village of Bohot

Home for the elderly

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The home

In 2018, after the March campaign of Xplora, Intellect and Weave Heat, we raised BGN 400 from sold martenitsas, which we created for one morning. We decided that the collected funds will be donated in the form of cleaning products (of which the home was most in need) to a home for the elderly in the village of Bohot. Somewhere out there – in nothing – 20 km. from Pleven we found an old building full of smiling people. We went up to the building, which is very reminiscent of a hospital. There were 7-8 elderly people sitting in the lobby, some of them over 85 years old. The story is almost the same for everyone. “Come and show you my children, child. They don’t live in Bulgaria. You know how successful they are, here are pictures of my grandchildren.” … You see the tears in Grandma G.’s eyes. You fight not to cry too. You wonder if the tears you see are out of pride or sadness. There is no way to understand. Although there – abandoned – they have their human dignity, which they defend to the last. One of the women who takes care of them told us about the grief they experience when their user leaves. The grief they experience is no different than the grief of losing a loved one. “We are one family. Each of these people here is a part of me,” said Aunt V. “I often have to give of my own money to buy basic necessities.”

The challenge

Older people, who often find themselves in homes, with those mothers and fathers who have lost their children – some of them have gone far away, others have simply decided that watching their elderly parents is not very pleasant.
It is quite sad to know that there is someone out there who lives in bad conditions and not because the house does not want to get better, but because he has to decide whether to fix a leak in Grandma X’s room. Or buy washing powder.
Do you know how to wash the clothes of bedridden patients without detergent? Or how to make tea by heating water in a cup with a pressure cooker, because it is impossible to buy water jugs for 70. the man in the house.

The solution

With the funds raised, we managed to buy detergents that are enough for at least 6 months. We bought them water jugs, and a large company donated electrical appliances needed for the home. What we found out is that they are in constant need of detergents, as well as those for basic human hygiene – soaps, toothpaste, shampoos.

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