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Our History

It was the fall of 2016. Every year, Intellect students received Christmas presents. This year, however, they would do something different. With joint efforts and great joy, the children of “Intellect” made gifts and cards for children in homes.

There were so many tears of happiness this Christmas that it was more than clear that we could not stop here. That is why we launched the initiative next year. We were joined by the digital agency Xplora and Netpeak, as well as many of our friends.

Improving the lives of people in need

Providing them with moral support and connecting them with the specialists they need

To develop and promote volunteering in Bulgaria


Vanya Ananieva and Georgi Malchev

The founders of the initiative are Georgi Malchev and Vanya Ananieva. And how many characters are there in this story… It’s not just the Xplora and Intellect teams here. So far, there are over 1,500 people who have taken an active part in Предай нататък It On.

Large and small companies supported the homes with donations, schools organized workshops in support of the initiative, hundreds of people personally wrote cards for each person in the homes.

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Thank you to our partners:

Имаме нужда от теб, за да
може щастието да съществува.

Инициатива и организация с нестопанска цел, помагаща на домове за възрастни хора и хора с увреждания.