Our long-term strategy



Study and determining legitimate case studies

We collect information about possible causes volunteered by third parties. We study and analyse the proposals carefully to make sure they are authentic and meet our objectives. We choose the causes with the greatest potential for positive change relative to our capabilities.


Working with partners and socially active people

Partners include companies and organizations that can provide the physical infrastructure, products and/or services to carry out Foundation initiatives, as well as provide products and/or services for the causes themselves. We participate together with our partners in cause-related events.

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Working with institutions and private organisations

We maintain contact with institutions and organizations in Bulgaria and abroad. We participate in the development and management of projects funded by Bulgarian institutions, EU funds, international funds and initiatives, as well as other donor and/or funding funds and organizations.


Charity initiatives on the ground

We carry out charitable activities for the causes chosen by the Foundation. We organise campaigns, workshops and cultural events. This encourages volunteering and raises funds for our causes. Donations can be made either directly to the Foundation’s causes or from the Foundation to the cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We insist on transparency and awareness. If you still have questions, you can email us at vuprosi@begood.bg

01 How to donate?

You decide what and how to donate. In the beginning, people could only donate to the workshops, but in 2019 and beyond – in cash and to a foundation account. Over the years, many people donated 2 to 5 leva for a card, but some donated 20 leva. Many people with children gave their children to take what they made, and gave them money to donate. You can donate for everything that is made in the workshops. You can give emotion and respect by writing a card for a specific person from a specific home – you can read the interviews of some of the participants for the emotion of writing cards for lonely elderly people. Of course, you can donate by selecting and purchasing specific products from those listed for an active cause – please use the request form so we can plan and help more people. You can also donate to the foundation listed on the website using the methods listed when donating to the cause or campaign. And of course – you can also give thoughtfulness by bringing and donating your personally selected and/or purchased gifts.

Each of the causes is personally chosen – by visiting the respective home, school or other cause. We have been helping some of the causes for another year and so we are making things even more personal for the people we are helping. We always ask in detail what they need specifically and ask if something is not clear to us. Therefore, in each of the causes we can provide specific things that people need. And we can present you in detail what your donations will go for. And of course – what you can personally donate to. Therefore, if you want to donate and read, please tell the story of your chosen cause. For example, what the kids asked for years ago and said they had everything. Try not to cry.

For these children, attention and attitude are most important. Or read about the school in Vladislavovo, Varna, where children with visual or developmental problems are taught – For the 2019 campaign, we decided not only to help the environment, but also to give these children a chance to have skills that will help them have a better life in time – to be able to make badges, string jewelry, … It’s hard not to get teary-eyed. However, you do not want to pass on goodness.

With this amount, the team of the foundation will buy specific things for your chosen cause.

As you have read – the foundation does not keep a single penny of the donations, and all administrative and organizational costs are covered by the founders of the foundation. In this way we ensure people’s confidence that every penny of their donations is passed on in the right way.

With this amount, the team of the foundation will buy specific things for your chosen cause.

As you have read – the foundation does not keep a single penny of the donations and all administrative and organizational costs are covered by the founders of the foundation. This is how we give people the confidence that every penny of their donations is being passed on in the right way.

Let’s wish we had “too many” donations. There are undoubtedly more needs in every school and home – you will see how careful they have been in describing their needs. We will help each of the described causes, and if more funds are available – they will all be focused on current causes for the year, with additional things about them. If funds remain after thatthey will be described publicly on the Foundation’s website and Facebook page. And why not make the people of the chosen causes happy with more gifts or useful things.

The ‘Pass It On’ Foundation always focuses on specific causes – we identify a specific home or other need, and we strive to find out exactly what the people there need. Our long-standing support for many of these homes and causes has created great trust between the people there and our team.

When the donations arrive at the homes and causes, they are exactly the items that have been requested and eagerly awaited – they make a meaningful difference in their daily lives. Boilers, washing machines, stoves, bed linen, kitchen appliances, disinfectants,…

So the choice is yours. You can identify a specific cause you want to support and choose a specific item to purchase and donate to. You can also trust our experience and judgement to select suitable items for your chosen cause.

Over the years, many corporations have actively participated in our initiative by donating various items. Some of them include Lidl, Medix, Prestige96, LG, Whirlpool and others. In 2019, we have seen a large participation from companies who have provided a variety of donations. These donations weren’t always specifically requested by the causes we supported, but contributed significantly to increasing the overall volume of donations and brought joy to the people we help.

For example, the Orange Center donated books for the homes and Locus Books donated a portion of the proceeds from bazaar sales to ‘Pass It On’. Zhoro Malchev doubled the amount of donations. In addition, Locus Books donated books to our workshops where everyone had the opportunity to designate the amount they wanted to donate to a business book of their choice. The Soap Workshop donated shampoos and soaps, while Prestige 96 and Tymbark provided treats and beverages for all the causes supported. Companies like Sitel and Quick Cargo, as well as individuals, decided to organize Christmas bazaars for their teams, using the gifts and decorations we made as Christmas presents for their customers and friends.

It is important for each individual to research and determine whether a particular cause or foundation is worthy of his or her trust. We’ve shared some of our story on our website and social media:

  • Get to know what ‘Pass It On’ has created and the emotions and activities of our team.
  • Discover the stories of the people (our heroes) involved in the cause and their stories of how they make the world a better place.
  • Learn about our corporate donors who show how businesses and their teams can support causes and make a difference in the lives of many.
  • Read our stories told in the media, shared by our team, donors, volunteers and the people we support.

We hope you will discover the rest of the reasons to support us for yourself. We believe that every authentic cause deserves support, so we encourage you to choose those who “speak” to you and who convince you that they are worthy of your trust.

Did you wash with soap? Have you used cotton instead of sanitary napkins? Do you know the smell of urine soaked in sheets and rooms? Have you ever seen an elderly person who needs a raised bed to see the world? Do you know what it’s like not to celebrate your birthday, or not to have something sweet to eat.
And now imagine that someone congratulates you personally with your favorite song for your birthday. That you not only already have sanitary napkins, but also a set of lipsticks and nail polishes.
That people in the nursing home have brand new sheets and blankets. That they can finally bathe with hot water from a boiler.
There are many stories. Because there are many heroes who pass on goodness. And our job is to make this bigger and more meaningful.
Each of the causes is part of these stories. Their stories. Your stories.

A few. We do not keep a penny. The founders of the ‘Give Natak’ Foundation cover all administrative and operational costs with their personal funds.
We cover all the costs of the team, transport, couriers, bank account, etc. That’s the least we owe to you, our hero volunteers and donors. The only funds that are not targeted to causes are the transaction costs of the payment system through which you donate. We have made great efforts to reduce these costs as well. However, we have not yet reached the global recognition that would allow us to waive or significantly reduce fees. But with joint efforts, we hope this will change soon. You can also see the financial report of our accounting firm on the activities of the ‘Pass On’ Foundation.

We have focused on causes where attention and respect are as important as the donation itself. We would be delighted to have you join us in the donation process and gift the items of your choice. For details and updates on specific causes, please follow our website and our Facebook page, or contact us using the contact details provided.

Participants in our workshops, as well as anyone who makes a donation, have the opportunity to receive a certificate for their participation in the initiative. The certificate is an official donation document and can be used for tax relief purposes.

The team of the foundation will direct the collected funds to the purchase of products and items needed for the different causes. Not every cause is able to get support for all of its needs, so we are extremely grateful for every donation that allows us to help more causes.
As you may have already read, our Foundation does not retain any funds from donations. All administrative and organizational costs are fully covered by the founders of the foundation. This action ensures donors that every dollar they send is directly and effectively invested in supporting the causes.

“The principle of ‘Pass It On’ is simple – we encourage everyone to share kindness, whether it is through personal work, owned items, or through donations that they themselves have provided. You help us tremendously when you provide the products and items needed yourself, and we ask that they meet the appropriate specification. Donations can be sent directly to the address of the respective cause, or to our logistics partner Quick Cargo, who regularly arrange transport to the causes.
Please note that when donating products or items, it is necessary to sign a donation agreement and issue a letter of acceptance to the foundation or cause. If you wish to donate, we will send you the necessary documents. If you want to use the donation for tax relief, our accountants recommend that the purchase and the donation agreement should be in the same name.”

You can choose one of three donation options:
– Specific need (e.g. blinds for the ‘Renaissance’ home in Ruse)
– A specific cause (such as a home for people with mild disabilities in Berkovitsa)
– General support of the Foundation (where the entire amount of your donation, excluding financial transfer costs, will support the causes the Foundation supports)
The donation methods are as follows:
– Through the donation module on our website, where you can select the specific donation you want to make. Donation to the Foundation’s bank account: ‘Give Natak’ Foundation IBAN: BG92UNCR70001523955423, specifying how you want the funds to be used.

Many companies share the principle of ‘Pass It On’ and actively participate in it. It is remarkable to observe the commitment of their teams – filled with pride in being part of something bigger, sharing common values, a sense of community, responsibility and active participation.
We receive numerous corporate donations each year, with some donors giving for several years in a row. Not only do they directly help the causes, but they also support the growth of ‘Pass It On’, increasing the importance and spread of kindness.
You can see the list of our corporate donors – and our corporate heroes – here.
As an NGO for public benefit, ‘Pass On’ can issue donation certificates or offer donation contracts that serve as tax benefits.

We make efforts to have more expensive products and items provided by companies that manufacture or sell them. Often this is a successful approach, but sometimes it is necessary to make a purchase as one company cannot secure everything. In such cases, we look for preferential terms or make purchases under the best possible conditions. We have already purchased heaters, bedding, protective clothing and stoves at extremely good prices, especially for people who are entitled to heating benefits but do not have the necessary appliances.
If you have suggestions for donations or opportunities for very good purchase terms, please contact us. We would be grateful if you could help us get in touch with the right people in the right company.

Our workshops are organized to be accessible to all age groups, from the very young to the older. Each workshop is assigned a person in charge who provides guidance and direction. It’s important to keep in mind thatfollowing along with your children at all times is necessary to consistently be with your children throughout the workshop – every moment with them is worth it.

In 2019, Lyuben Karavelov School in Varna joined the initiative as a school that passes on. The students created great things in the workshops held at the school. In addition, the organized bazaar raised more than 700 leva in support of the causes. If you too would like to join this initiative, ‘Pass It On’ will provide the necessary materials and instructions so that you too can organize a workshop at the school where you are a principal, teacher or where your child studies.

If you are interested in the handmade workshop gifts and would like to donate an amount of your choice, please contact us prior to the workshop. This way we can organize and keep your selected gifts. If there are unsold items or cards from the workshop after the bazaar, we post them on our Facebook page. This provides an additional opportunity for those who wish to support our cause.

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