It was the fall of 2016. Every year, Intellect students received Christmas presents. This year, however, they would do something different. With joint efforts and great joy, the children of “Intellect” made gifts and cards for children in homes. There were so many tears of happiness this Christmas that it was more than clear that we could not stop here. That is why we launched the initiative next year. We were joined by the digital agency Xplora and Netpeak, as well as many of our friends. We tripled the cards and gifts, we tripled the funds raised. We helped three times as many people and did three times as much good.

The founders of the initiative are Georgi Malchev and Vanya Ananieva. And how many characters there are in this story … It’s not just the Xplora and Intellect teams. So far, there are over 1,500 people who have taken an active part in Предай нататък It On. Large and small companies supported the homes with donations, schools organized workshops in support of the initiative, hundreds of people personally wrote cards for each person in the homes.

Do you know how it feels when you walk into a nursing home and find out that their children have long since forgotten about them? When you find out that the house does not have the means to buy detergents and there is nothing to wash clothes with. When you bring apples and they look at you with bright eyes. When you go to orphans and find that they live in a barn. When a ship’s captain, journalist, writer, architect loses their inner balance and ends up in a home for people with mental disorders … and they no longer have a world for themselves … We hear about these people. Sometimes we read. But to enter their territory and feel the emotion with your whole being – believe me, there are no words to describe it.

That’s why we do it. Every year we pass on more and more people. We create, help, donate, go to the place, hug, talk, cry and laugh.

There is nothing louder than hearing “I wish you could come back.”
And “I’ll see you again, won’t I?”

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