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Non-profit initiative and organization helping people and homes in need.

Zoo or first encounter with the animal world

On a sunny October day in 2023, part of the team of the Pass It On Foundation spent a few hours with the great users of the home for people with mental disabilities in the town of Berkovitsa in the Sofia Zoo.

We fulfilled their dream of a walk and combined it with a visit to a place most people have never been before.
Can you believe that these people met animals for the first time, saw a lion, primate or rhino for the first time?! They were most impressed by the two elephants, and said “ah, mammies” to the smaller animals.

It was very exciting, both for them and for us. We were just sharing – feelings, emotions, love, smiles. These people are so pure, so kind-hearted, so positive. They rejoiced with all their heart. It was a real celebration! We are very happy that we were able to convey such emotion to people and create memories that will last a lifetime. This is our big reward – the smiles on their faces.

The sea is not a fiction
and happiness exists

September is a great month for a seaside holiday. This year, for the first time, we managed to organize a holiday at the sea for elderly people from the municipal homes all over Bulgaria, for whom we care. Our dear friends from the Home for the elderly in Novi Pazar spent some unforgettable summer days and remembered the past summer with this exciting experience. Here in this photo is Nebie and this is her absolute first encounter with the sea. The emotion in the eyes, the excitement and the smile, need not be mentioned. See and feel for yourself <3

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A covenant mountain raises

The team of “Pass it on” once again proved the truth of this saying. On a Saturday in June, we visited the elderly home in Ugarchin to paint the kitchen where the elderly cook and gather. We washed the windows and cleaned the whole room, assembled the furniture we bought, installed paintings painted by our friends especially for this room.

We also took care of the professional kitchen in the basement – we moved professional appliances that the Foundation bought and prepared them for installation, which again a kind person who contacted us on social networks provided free of charge. Do you know how good it feels to see the excitement and tears of joy in the eyes of the elderly? Thank you to everyone who volunteered and opened their hearts! We thank them for choosing to make the best of this Saturday, helping people in need and making this day a celebration for them. They really deserve it!

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