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Pay Forward Foundation

PAY FORWARD Foundation is a Bulgarian non-profit legal entity acting in the public interest with BULSTAT 206058763 and address of management Sofia, Hladilnika, 70-72 Cherni Vrah Blvd., tel. 0878447470, email: info @ begood. today. The founders of the Foundation are Vanya Ananieva-Lyubenova and Georgi Malchev.


  1. Supporting social causes by organizing volunteers and donors on the principle of passing on;
  2. Search for new methods and ways to support charitable initiatives and causes;
  3. Raising material resources, as well as providing moral support to people in difficult social and financial situation, as well as those with health problems, the elderly, the mentally ill, children without parents and others in need;
  4. Development and promotion of volunteering and donations by individuals and legal entities;
  5. Protection of the professional, social and other constitutional rights of persons in difficult social and material conditions, as well as those with health problems, the elderly, the mentally ill, children without parents and others in need;
  6. Increasing the activity of the society and seeking assistance from state bodies to guarantee the constitutional rights of persons in difficult social and financial situation, as well as those with health problems, the elderly, the mentally ill, children without parents and others in need; 7. Establishment of funds to support persons in social and financial difficulties, as well as those with health problems, the elderly, the mentally ill, children without parents and others in need, as well as support to various institutions that provide support or care for such persons .


  1. Research and identification of specific causes.

a) The Foundation collects information provided voluntarily by third parties on possible causes to be supported by the Foundation
(b) the Foundation shall examine and analyze proposals as to whether they meet the objectives of the Foundation and whether an initiative of the Foundation may improve the environment, living conditions and / or bring positive emotions to those concerned;
c) The Foundation selects specific causes to help in a way chosen by the Foundation
d) For causes that will not be able to be supported by the Foundation, the Foundation may share with its partners about the respective cause and the needs of the cause;

  1. Work with partners and socially active people.

a) The Foundation develops lasting relationships with partners who can provide the necessary resources to achieve the goals of the Foundation. Partners include companies and organizations that can provide physical infrastructure, products and / or services for the Foundation’s initiatives, as well as provide products and / or services for the causes themselves;
(b) the Foundation participates in events organized by third parties and / or co-organized by the Foundation and / or organized by the Foundation, where these events concern issues within the objectives of the Foundation or specific causes supported by the Foundation;

  1. Work with institutions and organizations. Development and participation in projects.

a) The Foundation will develop lasting relations with the relevant institutions and organizations in Bulgaria and abroad in order to achieve the goals of the Foundation;
b) The Foundation will participate in the development and management of projects, funding from Bulgarian institutions, EU funds, international funds and initiatives, as well as other donor and / or funding funds, organizations and institutions;

  1. Charity. Charitable initiatives.

a) the Foundation carries out charitable activities to the causes chosen by the Foundation;
b) The Foundation organizes charity campaigns in connection with Christmas, as well as any other periods and occasions relevant to the conduct of campaigns. In particular, campaigns may include workshops in which volunteers participate and master products. In particular, campaigns may include accepting donations in the form of items, products or services to be used in workshops and / or in exchange for which donors may donate to the causes, as well as which may be donated to the Foundation’s own causes. . Donations can be made both directly to the causes of the Foundation and from the Foundation to the respective cause
c) The Foundation maintains one or more accounts in financial institutions in connection with the implementation of charitable activities, as well as the activities of the Foundation.
d) The Foundation may support initiatives, incl. and charitable initiatives if they meet the Foundation’s objectives.

III. Informative website.

The Foundation maintains an information site, which provides information about the Foundation, the causes supported by the Foundation, the main partners of the Foundation, as well as other relevant information for the purposes of the Foundation at the discretion of the Foundation.

Access to and use of the site is subject to the following “General Terms of Use” and all applicable laws. By visiting and / or using the Website, you agree to abide by these Terms of Use, so please read them carefully before continuing to browse the website.

In the general terms and conditions, “this website” means the website of the “PAY FORWARD” foundation, which contains links to other sites of our partners on the Internet.

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By publishing your personal data in one of the sections of the web site of the “PAY FORWARD ON” foundation, you declare that:

  1. You provide your personal data voluntarily;
  2. You give your consent for the personal data provided by you to be stored, processed and provided by the Foundation in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions and the regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. You give us your consent to send you notifications about the activities of the foundation, including the events and campaigns organized by us and the way of spending our donated funds.
  4. You have the right to refuse to give consent for the processing of your personal data or to withdraw the consent already given at any time with notice to the foundation;
  5. You are aware of your rights to access and correct the data collected by submitting an application to the foundation, as well as the consequences of refusing to provide data.


Financial information for the users using the online donation service does not fall into the database of the PAY FORWARD Foundation, but is transmitted directly to the online payment systems of ePay, ePay World, EasyPay and PayPal. After completing the registration in the specialized section of the website, the requested amount for donation is automatically transferred to the donation account of the foundation.

  1. The customer has the opportunity to donate in order to purchase a product from the site of Pass On, in one of the following options: bank transfer, payment via ePay, ePay World, EasyPay and PayPal.
  2. Each client can cancel the service order made by him, provided by the “Pass on” Foundation, no later than 48 hours after ordering on the website of the Foundation. In case of cancellation of an order within the regulated period, the client does not owe a fee.
  3. In case of cancellation of an order within 48 hours before the provision of the service, in case the payment is made by bank card, the Pass On Foundation refunds the amounts paid within 3 working days by ordering a reverse operation on the card with which it was made. the payment or his bank account specified by the user.
  4. Online donations are made in accordance with the General Terms of Use of the online payment systems of ePay, ePay World, EasyPay and PayPal.


The donation is in cash and is made electronically or by bank transfer. The donor has the opportunity to choose from the options for making donations, described in the relevant section of the website of the foundation “PAY FORWARD”. Donors have the opportunity, in addition to a donation, to purchase the necessary item and provide it to the Foundation, which in turn will hand it over to the particular home.

Donations made during the calendar year are recognized in accordance with the provisions of Art. 31 para. 1 item 14 of the Corporate Income Tax Act and Art. 22 para. 1 item “l” of the Personal Income Tax Act.


To terminate subscription / periodic payments, you need to notify us in writing by contacting us at info@begood.today


The PAY FORWARD Foundation may periodically make changes to the General Terms of Use and the limitation of liability established above. By accessing this website, you accept the current general terms and conditions, as well as the limitation of liability. You are obliged to comply with all changes and corrections, therefore it is necessary to visit this website from time to time to review the current General Terms of Use.
The Foundation may change the format and content of the website at any time.
The Foundation may at any time suspend the operation of this website for the purpose of updating the content or for any other reason.
The Foundation reserves the right to terminate access to this website at any time without notice.


The Parties shall use their best endeavors to resolve any disputes, disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with these General Terms and Conditions by mutual agreement.

Any disputes arising from these General Terms and Conditions – unless resolved by mutual agreement within 60 (sixty) days after receipt of the request of one of the parties, shall be resolved before the competent Bulgarian court.